The ticketing management system has gained tremendous popularity over the past couple of years for allowing users to identify, track and resolve issues easily. Instead of investing in proprietary software, you can now rely on an open source ticket system, and you’ll still stand to enjoy the same benefits. Here are 4 major reasons why you should consider using the latter: 

1. Reduced cost 

There are a number of benefits associated with help desk software, and this is an opportunity that is hugely exploited by proprietors to make the most out of their products. You can considerably cut down on the cost of acquiring such by relying on open source developers, and most of their products will be available for free. 

Most of these systems also come with term & conditions requiring any persons with modified or upgraded versions to make them available for free. This means that the total cost of owning the software will still be low since you will avoid extra costs like upgrade and administrative fees that are associated with proprietary ticketing systems. You will also be able to use the same product for an extended period of time.  

2. Flexibility 

It is common with software vendors to assure consumers of enhanced flexibility on their products, but this is usually not the case. This is where some people are forced to look for different versions of the same product or invest in upgrades in order to meet their changing requirements. This can be very inconveniencing, and there are also some additional costs to be handled.

An open desk ticket system comes with its source code that developers can access and modify to suit certain needs. It is also easy and cheap to access other versions of the software that are modified or upgraded by other developers. This is a situation that also facilitates good internal customer support by ensuring that the employees are in a better position to perform their functions more efficiently.

3. Stability  

In most business settings, the needs addressed by a help desk software can remain the same for a pretty long time, and they can conveniently rely on a particular ticketing system without making changes or alterations. However, this can greatly affect the vendor’s revenue stream, and this is why some suppliers are always releasing upgrades or newer versions of the same product. The users are then forced to spend some extra cash.

You can easily avoid these and more inconveniences by relying on open source software developers since they have a track record of releasing more stable products. In case the version you have is not working well for your current needs, you can always access the source code and make any necessary changes on your own. It is also easy to obtain other modified and improved versions of the software. 

As a user, you can always inspect the source code to confirm issues like:

·      Security to enhance your safety
·      Adherence to the set standards 
·      Flexibility to suit changing needs 

4. Reliability 

Automating help desk functions comes with a lot of benefits including centralizing resources, prioritizing workflow, improving transparency, and improving internal customer support by fostering collaboration. An unreliable system can, therefore, cause massive problems including incorrect operations, unexpected failures, data loss and delayed services among others. This will, in turn, affect productivity.

Products released by open source vendors are usually more reliable comparing with proprietary software. First, the developers have to ensure that they conform to all relevant standards since the source code can be inspected by anyone. This also makes it easy to identify any defects with the system and these are then easily fixed by willing developers. The changes are then reported, and the new versions are made available to consumers.

The fact that the source code can be modified by any person makes the software reliable even in different business settings. The business owners will only need to identify the needs that cannot be addressed by the system and then change some parts of the source code to factor them in. This is more convenient compared to raising issues with a closed source supplier and waiting for a solution to be found. 

Finding support on open source ticketing system 

There are different routes that users can take when seeking support on open source software. You can choose to approach the developer, but there are vendors who will charge some fee for their support services. There are also consultants who offer training or support for specific systems, and you can approach them to get the assistance you need. Most of them will also offer their services at a fee. 

Since the source code is readily available, you can always seek help from any reliable source. You will also find that most of these problems are common to numerous users and solutions are usually provided within a very short time.  



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