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The 2.7 release of Helpy is here, with several great new features to help you better provide great customer support.

New Features in Helpy Core:

- New nested categories feature lets you create sub categories with a drag and drop UI to group and administer them.

- New API setting for default reply type

- Site URL is now validated

- New Anti-spam setting to filter any ticket from matching email addresses to spam

- The email address a ticket is sent to is now captured

Features added to Helpy Pro/Cloud:

- New ticketing preference panel added, giving easy access to advanced ticketing settings

- New more powerful report features have been added

- A new trigger condition has been added for the email a ticket was submitted to

- The LDAP preferences has been redesigned for more flexibility

Bug Fixes:

- Webhooks preference did not always save
- Customers list view does not always load
- Fixed a bug that prevented logging in if ticketing, knowledge base and forums were all turned off

- Fixed a bug when searching for users by priority

See for details on how to update.  If you are on Helpy Hosted Cloud, there is nothing to do, the changes will happen automatically.

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Helpy 2.8.0

Version 2.8 contains important security updates and the following new features:Whats New?NEW It is now possible create users one at a time, with or without inviting them.NEW When creating tickets by API, you can now specify the CC and BCC for the new ticket.NEW A new API for viewing and editing taggings has been added (thanks @schmidt)NEW A honeypot (anti spam) feature was added to the new tick... Continue

Helpy Team
- 2 min read

Helpy 2.6.0

This release fixes several edge case bugs and adds a couple new API features and an all new Ukrainian language translation. Specifically:New Ukrainian locale #1378 @Serg2294Bug Fixes:Translated versions are now properly included in the search index #1375The CC address is now persisted if you change the assignment of a ticket while editing the reply #1387Agents can now create an unassigned ticke... Continue

Product Team
- 1 min read

Helpy 2.5.1

This release is primarily a bug fix release and includes several important security updates.  It also includes a new feature for tracking the availability of agents.  This is currently only accessible by API call, and will remove "unavailable" agents from the assign to agent dropdowns.Overall, this version includes:Added new status attribute to users to describe availability of agentsAdded new ... Continue

Scott Miller
- 1 min read

Helpy 2.5 Release

For hosted customers, each time Helpy receives an email using the hosted email service, the message is rated by SpamAssassin with how likely it is to be spam.  Two new settings have been added to either block tickets outright, or filter them to the spam folder, depending on that SA score.  Note: the default settings are pretty aggressive and you may need to adjust if you are getting false posit... Continue

Product Team
- 1 min read

Helpy 2.4 Release

The new 2.4 version has just been released and includes some great new stuff:All new tag manager- now admins can control what tags can be used.  Setup tickets through the admin UI.Ticket tag picker: there is an awesome new search and select UI for adding tags to your ticketsAutosave for ticket replies and doc editing is here.  Now if you accidently click away, your changes will be still be ther... Continue

Product Team
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Helpy 2.3 Release

Our January release (2.3.0) includes a number of great improvements, including:Addition of the new Nordic theme contributed by Seravo.comBug fixes and updates to underlying dependencies and docker containerAddition of a search to quickly and easily link to KB articles when you are replying to a customer inquiryRefreshed and improved UI for creating and editing Inbox ViewsRefreshed UI for creati... Continue

Product Team
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October/November 2018 Release

Note this release actually didn't go live until 11/5 in the hosted environment but includes a number of bug fixes and new capabilities including:Ability to export reports as CSVNew reporting metrics for SLAsAddition of several new reportsAPI endpoints for key-value attributesAdded the ability to unassign agents from single or bulk ticketsAdded a time to first reply strategy to the SLA featureAg... Continue

Product Team
- 0 min read

Helpy 2.0 Release

Throughout the history of Helpy, we have received an enormous amount of feedback from customers and users, both good and bad.  This release is our biggest yet and includes a re-imagined UI, and a lot of awesome new features:In app and browser notificationsTwo options for creating tickets@mentionsTicket followersNew UI/LayoutReal time UIRefreshed Admin UINew Helpcenter theme: SingularHTML suppor... Continue

Scott Miller
- 1 min read

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