Empower your customers to assist each other

Helpy community discussions work just like support tickets, but any customer can answer, and interactions take place through the web.

An always expanding database of real customer solutions

Your community forum is a place where customers can interact with each other, to share solutions, tips and advice.

Offload support responsibility to your best customer advocates

Save money on support costs by sharing the burden with your strongest advocates- current customers!

Keep control and provide assistance when needed

You don't have to worry about things getting out of control, you still have complete control over the community discussions

Help your customers assist each other

Empower your customers to help each other

Threaded discussions give your customers a place to share tips, help and ideas with each other. Power users can help new users here as well.

  • Create unlimited community forums
  • Tightly integrated with support center
  • Instant indexing in the internal search
  • Discoverable via Google

Communities are tightly integrated with the support center

Tight integration means that new discussions and solutions are instantly searchable alongside your knowledgebase.

Manage discussions just like private discussions, and convert them to full articles with a single click.

  • Solution threads are internally and Google indexed
  • Convert answers to multi-language knowledgebase articles
  • Manage public discussions alongside private tickets

Engage your community with several styles

Create an amazing public community area with several different forum styles available, complete with topic and response voting

  • Traditional web Forum
  • Quora-like Question and Answers
  • Pinterest like matrix
  • Any forum can use social voting of threads and replies
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