Reporting that helps you optimize the effectiveness of your support operation

Let data drive every decision

Internal reporting lets you track how busy you are, which teams and agents are the busiest, and how effective you are at resolving problems.

No detail goes uncaptured

Every action is captured and made accessible through the audit log, which can be filtered by date or agent (hosted only).

Pre-wired for GA

Every customer and agent action is captured in Google Analytics. It's pre-wired, so just add your site ID and start digging into the stats.

"We chose Helpy for the simple interface, complete help desk (forum, docs, tickets) and open source (with paid version). The internationalisation support is probably the best feature in my case."
Juan Carlos Alonso,

Understand the numbers behind your support experience

Stats at your fingertips

Internal reporting in Helpy gives you the detailed metrics and KPIs you need to make the right decisions.

Reporting lets you learn this like:

  • Overall activity and how busy you are
  • Understand productivity per hour. When do you need more staff? Less staff?
  • How well are you doing in each channel
  • Undetstand the contribution of each agent

Track every user action onsite

Helpy is pre-configured to track customer behavior on your self-serve site as well as agent actions on the control panel.

Use Google Analytics to build powerful reporting that links support activities to sales, something no other help system can do.

  • See your Helpdesk come to life with real time reporting in Google
  • Understand how well your knowledgbase is solving real problems
  • Track the effectiveness of each article

Ticket logging

Embedded in each dicussion is a detailed history of all agent and customer interactions on that discussion. It is like having a "mini" audit log for each customer interaction.

  • Tracks and captures every action
  • Includes agent notes and status changes

Audit Every action your team takes

The audit log is your view into the activity of each of your agents. Filter the log by date or agent to review the who, what, when and why of each customer interaction. Coming soon for hosted customers.

  • Every agent action is captured
  • Filter by Agent or Date
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