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Sponsorship Overview

Helpy is a new and growing open source software platform for providing great customer support. We have been featured on Product Hunt and have hundreds of real users spread around the globe. Helpy has been community translated into 13 languages. There are two primary ways to sponsor Helpy- through project sponsorship and through feature sponsorship.

Project sponsorship means you are sponsoring overall development of the Helpy project. By sponsoring you will be associating your brand with the premier open source helpdesk project in existence today.

Feature sponsorship mean you are paying for the development of one specific feature or add-on. In this case, you may find that your company needs a specific integration or other feature that does not currently exist.

We will estimate the cost of developing the feature and assign the work to a core developer, creating the feature for you and making it available to the rest of the community.

Why Sponsor Helpy

  • You (or your company) are contributing to an extraordinary open source project.
  • For corporate donations that equal or are more than the Platinum level, your logo will be placed on our site for one year, as well as on the sponsor wiki pages.
  • Community consciousness of your company (and its use of Helpy) will be increased in the minds of the wider Helpy community.
  • Many companies choose to sponsor both a feature and the project as a whole.

Who should Sponsor?

Sponsorship is available for a number of categories. We will only allow two sponsors per category. If you think your business would fit better into a different category, let us know.

  • Cloud hosting providers
  • Developer tools
  • Sales and CRM
  • Startup Incubators
  • VC Funds
  • chat tools
  • other customer service tool providers.

Sponsorship Levels:


  • Service Provider
  • Logo placement on Sponsor Page
Contribute Service


  • Logo placement on Sponsor Page


  • Logo placement on Home Page
  • Logo placement on Onboarding Page
  • Mention on Github page


  • Logo placement on Home Page
  • Logo placement on Onboarding Page
  • Mention on Github page
  • Embedded Software