How Can a Helpdesk Improve Your Sales?

Many companies aren’t putting enough effort into improving their customer service due to the common misconception that it should be a secondary goal, which is completely wrong. A secure helpdesk enables your customer service team to resolve customers’ issues quickly. But helpdesk software is more than that. It can help you improve your customers experiences, but sales numbers as well!

The ability to satisfy both lies in the task management feature. Depending on the phase of a customer lifecycle, you may allocate certain requests to your sales or support department.

Moreover, product quality and effective pricing are as important as your support and sales practices are. What’s most important in the business world these days is the overarching approach to customer experiences (CX). And, as we can see, the complete customer journey consists of both support and sales CXs.

A top-notch customer experience demands a well-calculated purchasing decision. In the era of remote work and AI-powered tech solutions, there is no doubt that this valuable investment can benefit your company. This is especially true if your strategy aims to generate more revenue and keep your most loyal customers!

Let’s see how a helpdesk can boost company’s profitability and make your customers happier too!

1.What is a help desk?

To know how a helpdesk can improve your sales, you first must understand what helpdesk is! Helpdesk is a technological solution that helps customer service teams handle their customers’ troubles. The major role of the helpdesk is to address the customer's concerns and try to resolve their issues as soon as possible.

To make your helpdesk more effectiv you will need a well-trained customer service team too. The onboarding process should consist of practices that turn agents into a support superstars who care about customer privacy and your company’s reputation.

Adding a helpdesk to your company assets enables your trained customer service team to increase efficiency while delivering rapid solutions. However, if your agent resolves an issue quickly but in an unfriendly manner, this unfortunate event will leave a negative mark on your company. Thus your staff must possess the right characteristics for dealing with your customers, whether you have a helpdesk or not.

2. Why is a helpdesk necessary for the improvment of your sales?

Irrespective of how natural and simple your workflow is, how talented your customer-facing teams are, or how well-designed your support platform is, your customers will have questions and will encounter problems. Solving your customers’ issues is a critical element for running a successful and sustainable business.

Your customer service reps can help shoppers choose the right products for their specific requirements and take corrective actions on issues related to defective or incorrect orders. In fact, they are responsible for ensuring that all the problems are taken care of. A well-planned approach that has a customer as its center is a sure win. As we know, successful customer interactions are critical assets that drive expansion of your business operations.

Industry leaders have recognised this business gowth potential and embraced customer-centric business models. According to Segate, a helpdesk gives you the access to your customers’ opinions, which can help you to develop winning support and sales strategies as well as effective marketing campaigns. Given that the progress of your business is largely reliant on your capability to meet the particular demand, it is a revenue source that should not be neglected.

Here a customer feedback collection  gets very useful. However, to reach the highest efficiency leve, you should implement a practice of recording  your customer feedback in a special form or document. This practice can get especially troubling as an attempt can get slow quickly and make it difficult to gather value from it. This can become an extremely unproductive activity if your helpdesk software doesn’t make it easy for customers to answer relevant questions. A user-friendly interface and concise forms are necessary for a thorough collection of information related to your customer satisfaction score.

3. Main Ways a Helpdesk Software Can Improve Your Sales

With the right strategy, a helpdesk can increase your sales and move you closer to your overall business goals. In case you're not yet convinced, here are four concrete ways this addition to your service assets can positively impact your company's sales.

1.  Retaining the customer

One of the essential goals of any customer service team is to increase retention and reduce customer churn rate. A churn rate shows how many customers stop using your product during a certain time period. After all, gaining new customers is challenging so it is much more effective to turn existing buyers into loyal shoppers. However, inspiring repeat shopping often requires a bit more work than only keeping your website up and running. This is where your customer service team starts to play its big role and you can put your support excellence plan into action.

2. Provide proactive support

After every sale you should take a proactive approach to ensure that the customer is happy with their purchase. Today, a helpdesk platform makes this easy by offering tools for automated follow-up emails. This means that each customer will be presented with the opportunity to let you know about any concerns they may have.

Let’s assume that your customer is less than happy with their experience. In this circumstance, they’ll appreciate when your team reaches out to learn more and resolve the issue, whether that involves walking them through the return process, recommending alternate products, or simply apologizing for a bad experience.

Regardless of the specific action required, it’s the proactive approach that can turn a troubled customer into a loyal one. And it's not hard to see how incorporating helpdesk practices into your customer service strategy can increase your retention rate and directly influence your ability to generate repeat sales.

3. Utilize the feedback from the customer

As with any product- or service-based business, your success relies on providing an offer that your target audience wants to purchase. Still, many business owners make their planning and inventory decisions without considering any of the people who will (ideally) be buying from them. This oversight is a big mistake, especially when you consider how easy it is to involve customers in the decision-making process.

For example, a company constantly asks for their customers' input on product styles and colors on their social media platforms or helpdesk communication channels, such as AI-chatbot and Live chat so they can learn about their customers’ wishes and deliver better service. These are win-win situations, because the customers get what they want and the business gets more sales!

Additionally, while the occasional Twitter survey can be a fun way to get responses, you can implement a more streamlined practice by sending surveys regularly via your helpdesk channels. If you want a helpdesk platform that allows for automatic emails and quick chat surveys, check out Helpy’s fantastic all-in-one offer. You can make this feedback practice a standard part of your communication with shoppers. This resource will be invaluable when you’re looking to make data-based decisions for your business.

Make sure to note down valuable feedback from your customers. In addition to information on product offerings, customer feedback can assist you in making more suitable decisions about your future offerings to the specific people. Getting feedback brings personalization to a whole new level!

You can request feedback on your website, brand, overall shopping experience, literally anything that is a goal of your current support strategy.

Then, as long as you take the replies seriously and utilize them to improve the purchasing experience, you can move toward building any business that is in line with your target audience's requirements. Moreover, the closer you align with what customers are looking for, the more efficient you will be in reaching your sales goals.

4. Make self-service resources for your website

Sometimes a customer will communicate with your team about a complicated issue they've never previously encountered. These kinds of questions require your agents to fully use their problem-solving abilities to come up with a new solution tailored to that customer's demands. By prioritizing these answers you can help your agents turn even the hardest support actions into the sales winnings!

Of course, there are complex requests but most customer service agents could easily list off the most common ones too. Fortunately, you can decrease the repetitive work related to these inquiries by adding resources to your website that answer common questions and enable consumers to help themselves.

The most popular way for retailers to do this is with a knowledge base.The knowledge base page has information on everything including types of orders,shoe sizing, deals,and a whole lot more.

This way, if a customer is looking for a solution to a commonly asked question, they can get it without the help of a customer service agent. Plus, if a customer is reluctant to purchase because they have an inquiry or need more information, these answers can eliminate that hesitation quickly. Customers are more likely to make a purchase when they have all the details they need, driving even more revenue for your business and improving your sales without needing more time from your customer service team.

Remember this!

A helpdesk platform has an important role in every company's success. In its most fundamental form, it's a today’s necessary tool for meeting customer interests and resolving any complications that may be stopping their purchase. Beyond that, it also gives the chance to engage directly with shoppers to learn more about their choices, needs, and views.

Then, you can make changes that positively influence your sales and revenue. Much like virtually every other phase of your business, this task can be achieved quickly and effectively with the right tool. In this case, that tool is a customer helpdesk software.

With the right platform, you can easily obtain useful customer data, gain insights into your audience's choices, and take steps toward aligning your buying process more closely with their requirements — all of which perform a direct role in improving sales and generating the highest revenues.

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