Customer support software for organizations serious about data control.

Meet Helpy Pro

Safeguard your data without compromising on giving your customers a heroic customer support experience.

Helpy Pro is the customer support platform engineered for companies that are serious about customer data security and control.

Designed for on-premise and private instance deployments, Helpy Pro lets you avoid vendor lock-in, own your data and integrate with the tools you already use to keep your data safe. Deliver world class customer support with:


Helpy Pro is architected and packed with features designed with security centric organizations in mind. With careful implementation, you can achieve security levels unattainable in the SAAS world.

Control and Privacy

Retain complete control over your customer support data. Decide and control which third parties have access and rest assured that the data privacy you promise your customers is being met.


Meet HIPAA, GDPR and other compliance challenges by enforcing your own data storage, retention, access and other policies. Deploy to a server in your cloud of choice, your datacenter or even on the machine in your office.

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