Meet Helpy. A revolutionary customer support platform that will reduce your ticket flow by 20%.

A great experience from request to resolution.

Full featured ticketing system

Helpy gives you full lifecycle tools to manage and reply to all incoming support requests. Stay organized with groups, and a modern interface built for productivity.

Keep track of your agents

Insights reporting shows you how well your team is meeting your SLA. The hosted version includes detailed audit logging to keep track of everything.

Designed for Self Service Support

Helpy was designed to help customers solve problems on their own, because the happiest customers are those who can get answers without having to email, chat, create a ticket or talk to a bot.

Ensure your customers won't feel lost

Make sure your customers feel at home by adding your branding to one of the included themes, or by building your own custom theme to match your site.

Support in your customer's language

Helpy was designed with multilingual support in mind, and comes with 19 languages out of the box, including German, French, Spanish, Portuguese, Russian and ten more.

Powerful reporting to connect positive support to conversion

Helpy comes with a built in integration with Google Analytics, giving you unprecedented data on how your support efforts are actually driving conversion and retention.

Most loved features

Google Analytics Baked In

Other tools give you a reporting system. Helpy is fully integrated with GA, so you can link your support efforts directly to conversion and ROI.

Save Money

No per agent seat costs. You determine which team members can help customers, not your budget.

Customize Functionality

All major functions in Helpy can be turned off- allowing you to provide the exact experience your customers will most benefit from.

Works on any Device

You and your agents aim to provide support from anywhere. Helpy will help you by working on any device- mobile, tablet or desktop.

Speaks your Language

Helpy comes with front-end translation packs for English, French, Spanish, German and more. It is easy to add your own internationalization.

Built for the Cloud

Helpy was built with clouding hosting in mind. Getting a hosted instance live takes seconds. We also offer dedicated servers.

Modern Open Source Tech on board

Helpy leverages many of the newest and shiniest open source projects, including Ruby on Rails 4.2, Bootstrap 3.2 and more!


Helpy includes a REST API, allowing you to easily get data in or out, or do other really cool stuff!

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