Multi Channel Support Ticketing

Track all of your help emails and tickets in one place with Helpy integrated email. As messages arrive at your support address they appear in the Helpy dashboard and can be assigned to agents. Replying through the Helpy interface or by email delivers the response to the original requester.

  • Track tickets from new to resolved in a responsive, modern interface.
  • Access common replies to quickly respond to common issues.
  • One click conversion of ticket responses to knowledgebase articles
  • Email notifications alert you or your agents to new messages

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Live Chat for Instant Response

Live chat allows you to interact with visitors or customers one on one in real time. As customers chat with you, their inquiries appear in the same omni-channel inbox with tickets.

  • Chat with customers in real-time on your site or in your application.
  • Optionally collect the visitors information before starting the chat.
  • Auto assign the chat to your chat team or specific agents.
  • Use a support bot to deliver instant, autonymous solutions.

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Host a world class self-serve helpcenter

Give your customers the ability to solve their own problems with a helpcenter to create and manage issues or find answers themselves in your knowledgebase.

  • Reduce support costs with a self-serve knowledgebase
  • Customize and brand your help site.
  • Create custom request forms for multiple issue types.
  • Built in feedback tools and reporting help you find topics you need to add.
  • Restrict access to only existing customers, or extend availability to everyone.

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The most secure way to deliver great support

Safeguard your data without compromising on giving your customers a heroic customer support experience. Helpy Pro is the customer support platform engineered for companies that are serious about customer data security and control.

  • Designed for self-hosted single tenant deployments.
  • Packed with security and privacy minded features like data masking and SSO.
  • Powerful permissions help you restrict employee access to minimum needed.
  • Eliminate Third Party data sharing

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