Meet Helpy

Helpy got started as an open source alternative to commercial helpdesk software. It has been developed from the ground up by a team of contributors who are passionate about helping customers and improving customer communications.

Helpy is different from other helpdesk software because of our focus on empowering customers to help themselves first- which inherently results in a better customer experience. Many software providers charge per agent seat, which disincentivizes them from building software that actually reduces the number discussions.

Helpy Pro

Helpy software is the core of our hosted offering, which is designed for businesses who do not want to manage their own server. 100% of the proceeds of the hosted platform go back into making the open source version better, and enhancing the the hosted version.


Dozens of people have contributed ideas, bug reports, translations and code to make Helpy what it is today. The following people are recognized for significant code and feature contributions:

    A full list of code contributors can be seen here:

    Open Source Roots

    Helpy is a popular open source project, with thousands of installed users around the globe and a growing community of contributors. Your paid hosted subscription of Helpy goes to directly fund the applicaton and we will recognize your organization as a supporter of open source software (if you choose).

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