Meet Helpy

Rethinking Customer Support

Helpy is the first support platform designed for the future of customer support- a future that mixes human agents with AI bots to handle routine tier one requests directly at the point of customer pain. Helpy will reduce your support costs up to 80%, with the addition of a single javascript snippet to your website.

The best part about Helpy is you can use our support bot, even if you don't use Helpy for ticketing. It integrates with all of the major Helpdesks.

Our headquarters are centrally located in the middle of the Silicon Slopes of Utah, although our mostly distributed team spreads around the globe.


Open Source Roots

Helpy got started as an open source alternative to commercial helpdesk software, with thousands of installed copies around the globe and a large community of contributors. The core software has been developed from the ground up by a team of contributors who are passionate about helping customers and improving customer communications.

Dozens of people have contributed ideas, bug reports, translations and code to make Helpy what it is today. The following people are recognized for significant code and feature contributions:

    A full list of code contributors can be seen here:

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