As I wrote a couple weeks ago, we have been busy preparing for May 25th, and here are the latest sound bytes so you know what we've done:

Updated Terms and Privacy Policy:  We have released updated Terms of Service and a new Privacy policy to provide increased transparency into how we are using your personal data, cookies, how we share with third parties, and all that good stuff.  You don't have to do anything to agree to these, they are in force now and supersede anything you agreed to when you initially created your account with Helpy.

Our Data Processing Addendum:  As a data processor, we know that we are entrusted with the privacy and security of your customers data.  This addendum is automatically included into our terms of service, which means you don't have to do anything to execute it.  If you prefer to get a paper signed copy, please email us at hello at . The DPA describes in detail the processing done on your customers data and how it is used. 

Enforced SSL:  Browsing Helpy now requires https- which helps us keep your data safe.  Previously we made https browsing optional, but it is now required.  This means a couple things...

1. Your data and that of your customers is guaranteed encrypted "in transit"

2. CNAMEs will now generate a warning unless you have a SSL certificate with Helpy.  We are including this free for all paid accounts, but if you are using a free account you'll need to upgrade to use your CNAME without a browser warning.

GDPR "Right to be Forgotten" Requests:  We've added some new tools to help you respond to "Right to be Forgotten" requests.  This means you can now delete a customer record and have all of their data deleted throughout Helpy.  You also can choose to "anonymize" a customer, which removes the personally identifiable attributes of the customer record, but retains the ticket history for record keeping purposes.  There are also API endpoints for both of these actions to make integrations easy.

GDPR "Data Portability" Requests:  If you receive a customer data request, you can gather all of their personal data and ticketing history through either our API or by using the export csv option although the later will require you to filter out just the individual's rows (we're working on a better way to do this.)

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GDPR is coming… Here is what Helpy is doing to be compliant.

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You have almost certainly heard of the new privacy law called the General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR).  This breakthrough new set of laws and rules will alter the way any business with EU customers treats data.  That probably includes you, and definitely includes Helpy! We have planned a number of new features to ensure that you have the tools you need to be in compliance by May 25th. ... Continue

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- 3 min read

Want to make more money? Offering great support can help.

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In the software business, we have always *thought* that offering great support is good for business.  We all know that support can reduce customer churn or attrition- potentially saving a business a huge amount of money in the long run.  Furthermore, happy customers become a street force of evangelists who help spread the word and drive adoption of our products and services.For SAAS businesses,... Continue

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- 3 min read

February Product Updates

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February was a busy month for us, and we have some great new features to show for it!  All hosted customers can now begin using the following new features:Importing and Exporting Importing and Exporting data have always been possible in Helpy using our open API.  New in February is the ability to import and export tickets, users and knowledge base documentation using CSV files.  This gives non ... Continue

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- 1 min read

Ten ways an AI Support Bot will improve your customer experience

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Mainstream media has left little doubt that AI has a strong future in the often repetitive world of customer support.  One of the primary implementations of early AI is in the form of chatbots or chat assistants, and with good reason.  On average, a well planned support chatbot can save companies millions by reducing tier one requests alone.However, there are a number of other ways that adding ... Continue

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Carin - The Real "Support" MVP

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4 Ways Carin Changes the Support Game1. Handle Tier 1 questions and issuesOnce she learns about your product or service, Carin will be your top tier one rep, successfully resolving 50-90% of customer questions.  She has the ability to go deep and uses machine learning to go well beyond simply suggesting knowledge base articles.  She can even be connected to external APIs to answer really tough ... Continue

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