7 Tips to Write a Convincing Email Subject to Capture Customers’ Attention

Before we get to business, how many unread promotional emails do you have in your email account right now? I guess hundreds of them. This is mainly because many times it happens that the email subject line looks boring or irrelevant. Now, if you ask all your customers the same question, you may get surprised by their answer. If you want to avoid the unfortunate scenario, you better learn the ways to write the most appealing email subject lines that your customers can't ignore!

However, what if you write a perfect email subject line but not the response. In order to deal with the customer engagement efficiently, you need to learn how to write both the convincing email subject line and digest effective tips to write customer-focused responses.

Email marketing programs are often an overlooked option by most businesses. Even businesses that partake in email marketing strategies may not be doing it the right way, leading to a waste of money and resources. In this article, we’ll explore seven tips on how to write a convincing email subject to capture customers’ attention.

But before diving right in, what is email marketing? Do you think email marketing is an effective marketing strategy?

What is email marketing?

Email marketing is an effective marketing strategy that allows you to communicate with your customers and prospects. It is a form of direct marketing that is used to promote a product or service, generate leads, and increase business sales.

Email marketing is not just sending emails to your customers; it’s about communicating with them in a way they prefer. Email marketing promotes website traffic, builds brand awareness, and ultimately increases the overall sales of your business.

What are the benefits of email marketing?

It’s no secret how much email has become part of our lives; we all know what it does for us every day. Think about everything we do on our smartphones! We check emails constantly throughout our day; we even check them while we’re asleep! The benefits are endless when you use email marketing for your business.

1)      Generate More Leads: Email marketing gives you two types of leads: organic and paid leads. Organic leads are generated through the emails you send to your customers. Paid leads are generated when you use email marketing services, such as MailChimp and AWeber.

2)      Increase Website Traffic: According to Forrester, the average time spent on a website is 5 minutes; this means that every visitor who enters your site will spend less than 5 minutes on it. That’s why it’s important to create content that will keep people interested and engaged on your website.

3)      Build Brand Awareness: Email marketing increases brand awareness because it allows you to communicate with your customers and prospects in a way they prefer. You can write an email to them personally or send them a link to an informative blog post or article they might find interesting. Email marketing is also great for building loyalty among customers by providing them with valuable content, products, and offers that they might want to buy.

4)      Increase Sales: When you use email marketing for your business, you can increase the sales of your product or service by using email marketing services like MailChimp and AWeber. Customers and prospects who receive an email from you are more likely to buy what you’re selling because they feel that they know you and can trust you.

7 Tips to Write a Convincing Email Subject to Capture Customers’ Attention

At this point, you have a strong idea of what email marketing is, who you want to contact with your email marketing campaign, and what you want to communicate to them. Now, it’s time to think about the subject line of your email.

The subject line is the first thing customers see when they open your email. If it’s not enticing enough, they might delete it or click on the unsubscribe link at the bottom of the email without even reading any of its content!

So, how should you write an effective subject line? We all know the basic points: keep it short. The length of your subject line should be between 50 and 75 characters. It’s better if it’s shorter because it will make it easier for customers to read and process what you have to say. It’s also important to use emoticons, as emoticons are symbols used in text messages that express emotion or feelings.

Below are seven useful tips that guarantee you will successfully capture your target audiences’ attention.

1. Make It Memorable

When you want to make your email subject line memorable, use words that are easy for people to remember. The more memorable words you use in your subject line, the higher the chances of getting read by your audience and ultimately getting your emails opened by them. Choose words that are easy for people to remember like download, free, offer, sale, etc. This way, it will be easier for them to open the email and read what is inside it without even thinking twice or being afraid of not finding anything good inside your message.

2. Be Specific About What You Offer in Your Subject Line

Give the right details about what you are offering in your email subject line. Make sure that you are not misleading your customers by giving them a generic subject like “Download Free” or “Free Download.” Most of the time, people will read the email and then look at the content inside it without reading the complete email first. Make sure that your subject line is clear and specific about what is inside it.

3. Use a Unique Call To Action in Your Email Subject Line

Whenever you write an email, always include a call to action in your email subject line so that people can easily see what to do next. For instance, if you want to offer free downloads of software or articles, make sure that you include a unique call to action like “Download Free Software Now!” or “Read Today’s Article Here for Free!” This way, it will be easy for your customers to know exactly what to do next.

4. Include a Unique, Simple, and Short Message in Your Email Subject Line

A very effective way of grabbing your customer’s attention is by including a unique, simple, and short message in your email subject line that you can use over and over again for different emails. Thus, before writing the subject line of your email, try brainstorming with different words or phrases that you can use in your email subject line first. Check out the list below for some examples on how to write a simple and short message in an email subject line:

  • Download Free Software Now!
  • Free Download Software Now!
  • Download Free eBook Now! Today’s Offer!
  • Free eBook Here! Today’s Offer!
  • Free eBook Here!

5. Ask the Reader a Question

It is a fact that most people do not read your email unless you ask them to. Make sure that you include a question in your email subject line so that they will read it. Try brainstorming with different questions that can be used in your email subject line like “Have You Read Our Latest Article?” or “Are You Interested in Downloading Free Software Today?” You can also ask for their opinion on the subject by asking them questions like “Do You Think It’s Worth Reading This Article?” or “Do You Think This Software Is Worth Downloading or Not?”

6. Use Emoji Characters in Your Email Subject Line

Using emoji characters in your email subject line is a very effective way of grabbing your customer’s attention. Since most people are not tech-savvy, consider using emoji characters in your email subject line to allow them to better understand what the email is about.

7. Evoke Curiosity

This is a very effective way of grabbing the attention of your customer. You can do this by writing your email subject line in a way that it will make your customer curious about what you are offering. However, make sure to make it mysterious, but not confusing.

There are many more ways you can write fun and engaging email subject lines. However, the above seven email subject line tips and examples are the most effective and easiest ways to grab your customers’ attention. Make sure that you try out one or more of these email subject line examples today and see how they work for you.

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