10 Important Customer Support Quotes from the Experts

The definition of customer support has evolved over the years and is still evolving. Customer service is not to be confused with customer support; customer support is a specified customer service involving documentation, product feedback, and technical problem-solving. Customer support can also be described as providing timely and empathetic help that prioritizes customers' needs.

Tips for delivering great customer support include:

  • Ensure your team has the right tools to deliver personalized, fast, and expert service with every customer interaction.
  • Ensure you have self-service support options to resolve their issues by themselves.
  • Hire professionals with support skills. Customer support requires patience, ability to communicate, attentiveness, empathy, and the willingness to learn.
  • Empower your team and give them authority to use their skills to solve requests independently.
  • Make it easy for customers to access support by displaying business contact information.
  • Prioritize personalized support over automation.

For a business to thrive, the customer needs to be satisfied with your services to come back for more and refer other people to your business. To meet your customer needs, you need to ensure top customer support service.

Top business experts in the world have been generous enough to share insightful customer support advice that will help you deliver quality customer support services. In this article, we will look at ten important customer support quotes from experts.

10 Important Customer Support Quotes from the Experts

1. "Your customer doesn’t care how much you know until they know how much you care.

The author of this quote is Damon Richard, a customer care expert. You might be well-endowed in a certain sector, but it becomes very difficult for you to connect with customers if you lack empathy. Customers need to feel connected with your support and feel genuine concern from the support. A customer will feel more satisfied if you listen to them, relate to their problems, and solve them amicably.

Get yourself a customer support team that is truly empathetic to customers and one that has a genuine love for their job. You might be well-equipped with knowledge about something, but when you deliver your knowledge carelessly, you will lose the customers' trust in you as they feel less understood. Create an environment that makes it easy for the customer support representatives to go over the call of duty when attending to customers.

2. “It takes months to find a customer and seconds to lose one.

This is a quote by Vince Lombardi, a former American football player, coach, and national league executive. You can do a hundred right things, but it takes only one mistake to ruin your reputation and lose customers. Finding a customer can be difficult, but retaining one has proven harder. Any slight mistake can make you lose a customer. Customers become blind to the previous great relationship the moment you cross them. They will only remember the bad experience they had, even if it only happened once.

Good customer support is never taking a customer for granted, no matter the depth or length of your professional relationship. Make it a routine to connect with your customers and find ways to nurture customer relationships throughout. Send personalized emails or birthday cards with a discount code to your customers.

3. “Customers don’t expect you to be perfect. They expect you to fix things when they go wrong.

Donald Porter, the former Vice President of British Airways, said this quote.

Customers will always complain when things don't work out for them, and they expect you to resolve their issues at any given time. It might be pressuring for you to provide excellent customer service, but still, you have to hear out your customers and attend to their problems.

You can employ digital customer support tools where customer problems can be addressed in a composed manner while connecting with them in real-time.

4. “Great customer service is when you do for the customer everything you can do after you have done what you are supposed to do.

This is a quote by Daymond John, an American businessman, investor, tv personality, and author.

Customer support and interaction have no stopping point. Customers have different understanding power as some will understand a concept fast while others will need more guidance and assistance. Having great customer support ensures that you know when to keep going even after completing a transaction.

Ensure that you provide your customers with several options to interact with your brand even after a complete sale. Digital customer service technology is the best way to meet your customers' needs on schedule and at their pace.

5. “To give real service, you must add something which cannot be bought or measured with money, and that is sincerity and integrity.

This is a quote by author Douglas Adams, the president of the Watchtower Bible and Tract Society of Pennsylvania.

Customer support needs to be carried out with a sincere motivation to improve your customers' lives. Do not just do it because it is your obligation. Instead, learn to be passionate about it and be sincere with your clients.

Run your business with integrity to build customer satisfaction, service, and loyalty to your business. If your customer support is displayed with integrity, you automatically gain a customer’s loyalty.  Ensure that you have your customers' best interests at heart while working.

6. “Nobody raves about average.

This is a quote by Bill Quiseng, an award-winning speaker, blogger, and writer in the customer service area.

When providing customer support, ensure to be above average. Average services are not discussed, and it is hard for people to recommend something that feels average. Customers will be swayed by an offer of exceptional customer service and will not even think about returning to your business where the services are average.

Put more effort and go an extra step with your customer support to “wow” your customers every time they come back. Go above your customers' expectations, and you will surely win their loyalty.

7. “The goal as a company is to have customer service that is not just the best but legendary.

This is a quote by Sam Walton, a business and the founder of Walmart and Sam's Club.

When it comes to customer support, excellence is everything. Go beyond your customers’ expectations and strive to be the best to bring immense customer satisfaction. Create an unforgettable experience for your customers in all aspects of your business.

Your business should be run with transparency, availability, and effective follow-up procedures to ensure clients have an exceptional experience.

8. “Sometimes one can become lost in a big company and lose sight of how what one does truly helps or impact the end customer. If you are one of those, think of a fire brigade, a line of people passing buckets of water from one to the other from a source of water to the fire site. An individual in the brigade may not be able to see the result, i.e., the water being thrown on the fire to put it out. Still, the contribution of the individual is indispensable to the outcome.

This is a quote by Grant Bright, the former project lead at IBM.

It is important to make your customer support team understand that everyone has a role in customer support, no matter their placement. They might not deal with the customer directly, but customer satisfaction matters at the end of it all. Customer support is all about teamwork.

9. “We see our customers as guests to a party, and we are the hosts. It's our job to make the customer experience a little bit better.

This is a quote by Jeff Bezos, the founder and CEO of Amazon.

As a business owner or manager, it is your responsibility to ensure quality customer support to your customers. A customer experience with your products is on you and your team. Your customer support service should make customers feel the same way guests feel at a party.

10. “The purpose of a business is to create a customer who creates customers.

This is a quote by Shiv Singh, the founder and CEO of Savvy Matters.

Marketing and customer service share a common ground that is the customer. Use your clients as your marketing tools by providing excellent services. Customers express their feedback, whether negative or positive, mostly on social media for others to see.

If you have incredible customer support, your customers will influence other people to come to you for equivalent services or products. Masses will flood our business when customers spread the good word about your customer support.

Keep in mind that…

Customer support is a great marketing strategy for your business. Treat your customers well, and they will bring in more customers for you. Ensure to enroll your customer support team in training programs where they are taught how to treat and communicate effectively with customers.

Digital customer support methods have been proven to be more effective. Adapt with new technology and innovate new customer support techniques. The customer plays the biggest role in the success of a business and should therefore be treated with care.

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