Top 5 Helpdesk Success Stories

Many businesses know how a secure and actionable helpdesk software can prove to be a powerful company asset. From enabling companies to keep track of tickets to facilitating a better understanding of their customers, having an actionable helpdesk on your company website is more than worth it. Helpdesk features and functionalities help you and your team handle all client requests and company workflows more effectively and efficiently.

In addition, with the right kind of analytic tools and reporting systems, your company can make decisions and take actions based on trends that are noticed over time. In this post, we will be highlighting some top helpdesk success stories. These stories are extremely inspiring because they exemplify how an effective helpdesk system with personalized messages and stellar customer support can enable the successful management of customer relationships. However, before we delve into the testimonies, let’s take a look at the common benefits of helpdesk features.

What Are Some Common Benefits of a Helpdesk?

Firstly, a good helpdesk enables you to provide excellent support to customers. It provides a central location where all requests and support ticketing can be handled, as well as where automated messages can be sent out to keep customers up-to-date on the status of their request or ticket.

Data gathered—within legal limits—from a helpdesk can be used to analyze customer behavior, and these analyses can be applied in making better decisions and implementing better plans to meet your business’ needs.

More than just tracking and reporting, helpdesks also help you deliver personalized messages and improve customer security and privacy. A message should never be generic, so using personalized messages through your system allows you to customize your content according to what the user needs.

In this day and age, you also need to be able to send out quick responses. Replying swiftly to customer messages is a must in today’s e-commerce economy, especially when a customer has a problem with a product or service. This is why most companies have employed live chat services. Live chats enable swift responses to the customer's requests as they send them. Plus, as ticketing systems almost always keep track of replies and other activities, it is very easy for managers, reps, or agents to ensure that everything is running properly.

Easy integration with other systems is also important. Whether it's Microsoft Outlook, Dynamics CRM, or any other system, having the right level of integration ensures that there are no issues when transferring data or activity between systems. The future of business communication is online! And helpdesks will be playing a very large role in this fact.

By placing one central location where all help requests can be posted, you will also be able to ensure that all your employees have access to the right tools to deliver great customer support. Providing an online system where customers can ask questions or submit feedback also gives you more insight into their needs and how you can boost customer satisfaction. Trends that can move your business forward will be easier to spot.

To be able to enjoy all of these benefits, you need a customer support platform engineered for your specific business helpdesk needs. Helpy is that support platform. Not only does Helpy provide all the communication perks of helpdesk software, but it also enables you to put your clients’ data privacy first. You and your customers will never have to worry about the security of your communications or sensitive information ever again with Helpy. To learn more about the helpdesk and other services we offer, click here to visit our website.

Helpdesk Success Stories

Now that you know why helpdesks are so beneficial, let's go over the top five helpdesk success stories in which five different companies and enterprises that have used helpdesks in their businesses found it to be everything their businesses needed and more!

1. LendingClub, an innovative P2P (peer-to-peer) lending company, wanted to ensure that customer expectations were always met or, when possible, exceeded. The company used a cloud-based helpdesk solution to provide fast and effective customer support services. The company was able to deal with customer service issues much faster, while also providing the agents working on customer cases with an arsenal of every tool they required.

One of the reviews of the helpdesk-supported customer service on the LendingClub website read, “My experience has been exceptional. Everything from online bill payments to mobile check deposits has been smooth and easy. I had a question when setting up my account and the customer service folks were super helpful! They even called me back a week later to let me know the fix had been made. It’s the most responsive experience I’ve ever had with a bank. Thanks!”

Another review read, “It’s been my BEST banking experience by far! Your customer service is excellent.”

By using personalized messages through the helpdesk system, LendingClub was also able to provide unmatched support to its customers and increase productivity by 20%!

2. Cisco Systems needed a way to track their 10 million daily active users so they could see how they use their products and what their needs are. A cloud-based helpdesk solution also helped them make sure that all issues were handled quickly and they were also able to reduce the average time it took to respond by five days!

Helpy has several prominent features that can help you achieve what Cisco Systems has achieved with the use of a helpdesk by enabling you to effectively manage thousands of customers, regardless of where they may be reaching out from or what language they speak.

With an omnichannel inbox into which all support interactions flow so that your customer service team is on top of all matters, AI-chatbot instant messaging that helps you effectively reduce customer ticket response times, a self-support hub that provides customers with all the tools they need to get answers to their questions without having to email, chat, or create a ticket, Helpy is the perfect helpdesk to help you seamlessly provide excellent customer support to all your clients, regardless of the magnitude of messages you receive.

3. eHarmony also uses a helpdesk for its support department. The website needed a way to handle thousands of tickets, personalized messages, and quick responses. The website first incorporated a help center page which provides customers with a self-service list from which you can look through various topics and popular answers to questions that may be similar to yours. The page also has a link to contact eHarmony’s customer care helpdesk which is available 24/7 and from which a customer service agent will respond to you at most within a few hours.

With its helpdesk and help center, eHarmony has been able to provide an unparalleled level of customer service while also reducing costs by up to 40%.

4. AT&T outsourced their customer care department in April 2011, but afterward, discovered that they wanted to maintain control over the process without hiring hundreds of agents or building a costly call center. By leveraging live chat on a helpdesk platform, they were able to reduce call-center costs by 50% and provide better experiences to their customers.

Not only were customers delighted by the improvements to the customer support service AT&T provided, but the helpdesk employees also had wonderful things to say about how the incorporation of a helpdesk system enabled them to work more efficiently. A former AT&T helpdesk agent had this to say about their service experience with the company after the helpdesk platform was incorporated: “I loved my job. AT&T provides a relaxed environment that allows you to grow in your field. You are always being trained on the latest and greatest technology to keep you educated and to be able to assist your customers more effectively.”

Now doesn’t that say a lot about how essential a helpdesk can be to both the employees and customers of a company?

5. Lenovo, the world leader in personal computing, also used a helpdesk solution for their customer support needs. Not only did the multinational company save up to 30% on costs in customer support, but it also delivered hundreds of personalized support messages every month! By using support tickets as a way for customers to receive special offers or discounts, Lenovo was able to maintain high revenues while building loyalty with their customers!

Lenovo was once known for its lackluster performance in terms of tech support for its customers. However, that storyline has taken a totally different turn now that the company is leveraging on helpdesk features like live chat support, omnichannel inboxing from its different social media support platforms such as its Twitter and Facebook accounts, and a self-hosted helpdesk on its website. Now, many customers sing praises about Lenovo having one of the best support services in the business.

Choosing the right helpdesk platform for your business is crucial. The wrong helpdesk can result in huge losses in productivity and decreased customer satisfaction. Thus, if you want your business to be one of these success stories too, choose a helpdesk solution that meets all of your business demands.

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