Customizable Helpcenter
A help center reduces the number of inbound tickets your team handles

The hub of your self-support experience

The happiest customers are those who can get answers without having to email, chat, or create a ticket.

Reduce support costs with fewer inquiries

You'll save money (and time) thanks to a reduction in inbound tickets. When your customers do need to reach out to you, Helpy provides a world class threaded customer communication tool to assist.

Multilingual for multilanguage support

Support customers in multiple countries by delivering a translated and customized support experience in each unique locale.

Built in feedback tools keep score

With built in Google Analytics integration and feedback tools, Helpy will help you understand the holes in your knowledgebase content.

Ready for Google SEO

Your Helpy knowledgebase comes ready for SEO, with an emphasis on clean, fast loading code and mobile friendly design.

All Helpcenter Features

Intelligent Help

Helpy proactively offers help throughout a users visit, increasing the chance they will solve their own problem.

Custom Domain

Customize the domain name of your Helpy by setting up a CNAME and changing the Helpy domain.


Control which of 19+ languages you need to provide support to. Your users will see the correct language based on their location.

Inject CSS and JS

Control the design of your Helpy by adding custom CSS or JavaScript to alter the look and feel your users see.


Easily change the primary colors and logo used on your site.


Choose from a selection of complimentary themes or build your own custom theme for your brand.

Works across Devices

Give your users access to support information from any device. Your helpcenter works on phones, tablets and laptops equally well.

Robust APIs

Helpy includes a REST API, Internal and External Webhooks and allowing you to create any kind of integration you can dream up!

Contact Widget

Allow your users to open Helpy tickets from anywhere using the optional javascript widget.

Full text search

Your customers will easily find their own answers with an advanced full text seach.

Live search

Start getting results almost the instant you start typing, increasing the speed to issue resolution.

Draft Articles

Mark articles draft to remove them from the public site, and published when they are ready for the world.

User Feedback

All your customers to indicate when an article has solved their problem.


Improve your article writing efficiency with a modern and easy to user editing interface.


Helpy includes tools to quickly translate your article into multiple languages. Helpy makes sure your users see the write one.

SEO Features

Set the title tag, meta description and keywords for each article to help internal discoverability and Google rankings.

Convert tickets to KB

Easily turn a response you wrote to one user into an article you wrote for all users, with a single click!


Leverage your community to help keep your KB up to date by allowing user commenting.


Help organize articles with tagging.

Internal Knowledgebase

Create private collections of documents for your staff to use.