The most secure way to deliver great support
Helpy Pro running from the private cloud gives you unprecedented control over everything

Meet Helpy Pro

Safeguard your data without compromising on giving your customers a heroic customer support experience.

Helpy Pro is the customer support platform engineered for companies that are serious about customer data security and control.

Designed for single tenant private cloud deployments, Helpy Pro lets you avoid vendor lock-in, own your data and integrate with the tools you already use to keep your data safe. Deliver world class customer support with:


Helpy Pro is architected and packed with features designed with security centric organizations in mind. With careful implementation, you can achieve security levels unattainable using a shared resource SaaS like Zendesk, Freshbooks or Salesforce.

Access Control and Authentication

Retain complete control over your customer's support data. Decide and control who has access and rest assured that the data privacy policy you promise customers is being met.

Compliance and Data Privacy

Meet HIPAA, GDPR and other compliance challenges by enforcing your own data storage, retention, access and other policies. Control, limit or eliminate third party data sharing.

One click install on

Designed for Privacy

Single Sign On (SS0)

allows you to authenticate users and staff using a central Identity Provider. This means your users or employees can access the system without having to remember yet another password and gives your IT team control over password policies and access. Helpy supports SAML, LDAP, and OAuth.

Fine Grained Permissions

Determine which staff members have access to different features of Helpy, and which groups of customer tickets. This helps you enforce the minimum necessary access to potentially sensitive customer service information or functionality.

Data Masking

Prevents the storage of PII or other sensitive information in the body of support communications. This feature automatically scrubs GDPR defined PII like email addresses, phone numbers, social security numbers, IP Addresses, and credit card numbers.

Secure Email

Prevents agents from interacting directly through email with customers. Instead, customers are prompted to log in and use a secure web interface for creating and responding to tickets. This helps prevent emailing sensitive information insecurely.

Which Helpy Pro is right for you?

Private Cloud (On Premises/Self-Hosted)

Run Helpy on popular cloud providers, or your own hardware for enhanced security and control.

Runs on private hardware
Runs in the cloud of your choice
You own the database
Keep control over your own data
No lock in
You own everything, there is no lockin
One click install
Install with a single click
Simple HA configuration
Easily create a highly available cluster
Control access in a variety of ways

Cloud SAAS

Get up and running in seconds and leave the hosting and update hassles to us.

Turn Key
Instantly available, no IT requirements
Email preconfigured
Email is already set up for you

All Security and Privacy Features

Self-Host Option

Shared Nothing Configuration

Eliminate all Third party data sharing.

Customer Access Control

Restrict ticket creation to authenticated customers only.

Attachment Whitelisting

Determine which files are allowed to be included with tickets.

Private Cloud CLI

Easily manage your self hosted server from the terminal.

Captcha and Honeypot

Prevent bots from creating tickets.

Secure Email

Securely send messages by delivering notifications by email.

Data Masking

Automatically scrub secure data like credit card numbers, IPs and more.

Respond to Deletion Requests

Anonymize or delete customers upon receipt of a deletion request.

Single Sign-On (SSO)

Securely authenticate users and employees with SAML, LDAP and more.

Fine Grained Permissions

Grant access to the tickets and functions each agent needs.

Customize timeouts

Determine when agent sessions expire.

Agent UI Whitelisting

Restrict access to the agent UI by IP address.