Helpy 2.6.0

This release fixes several edge case bugs and adds a couple new API features and an all new Ukrainian language translation. Specifically:

Bug Fixes:

  • Translated versions are now properly included in the search index #1375
  • The CC address is now persisted if you change the assignment of a ticket while editing the reply #1387
  • Agents can now create an unassigned ticket #1317
  • A rare bug that docs unclickable on mobile has been resolved #1371


  • A new endpoint has been added to get specifics of the currently logged in user #1242 @trevormerritt
  • Categories can now be filtered by visibility (public/private/internal) #1269
  • Forum topics now respect a limit param #1357 @elguitar
  • The User entity is now included with topics and posts #1318


  • Can now specify a theme environment var when running test suite #1253 @azul

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