Helpy Pro 3.1

Helpy Pro 3.1 is here with a rebuilt IMAP collector and new security features to help keep your support data even more secure, along with some new bug fixes.  

  • Security Panel with data masking, IP whitelist - This allows you to turn on data masking for credit card numbers, IP addresses and other PII or security sensitive data that may appear in the content of customer tickets or chat messages.
  • IMAP email collector with fetcher - Allows you to receive email from an IMAP server of your choosing.  This is a self host only feature.
  • Add signed in access to forms - Adds the ability to restrict help center ticket form access to logged in users only.
  • FIX: i18n logic - Helpy now correctly uses the default locale.
  • FIX: User notes now save
  • FIX: Reset password mailer link
  • FIX: Ratings bugs - Various usability improvements to the ratings system
  • FIX: CSS spacing on theme - Various CSS improvements to the themes home page.

How to upgrade

Upgrades happen automatically in the Helpy hosted cloud.  You will not need to do anything.

Upgrading self hosted Helpy Pro is straightforward and can be completed by following the instructions below:

sudo apt-get update && sudo apt-get upgrade
sudo helpy run rake db:migrate
sudo helpy restart

The upgrade installs a new cron job that routinely collects mail from the configured IMAP server.

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