TOP Reasons: Why You Need A Great Helpdesk Ticketing Software?

A massive expansion of the global business market has increased the need for large-scale customer service solutions. Additionally, any successful business with a customer support department should opt for advanced tools to maximize effort and minimize loss.

A helpdesk ticketing system represents the latest customer service technology that skyrockets performance and customer satisfaction levels. It converts customer inquiries into  digital tickets, allowing you to work on numerous customer requests from a  handy dashboard.

If you are not sure how helpdesk ticketing works, stay with me!

What Do Helpdesk Ticketing Systems Do?

Helpdesk ticketing systems are here to stay! They organize customer inquiries in a way that helps agents quickly resolve them. The best helpdesk platforms have a user-friendly interface where all tasks and customer threads are listed. This makes it easy for agents to keep track of issues and deliver exceptional support.

The essential helpdesk ticketing software functions are:

1. Request categories

One of the top customer service ticketing system benefits is an option to create multiple categories based on customer queries. This can be a question regarding a purchase or a certain product. When you create these rules, all matching requests will fall under a certain category, enabling you to have a better overview and tracking of ticket resolution.

2. Setting priorities

Every day your company deals with numerous requests! It is crucial to set priorities based on specific parameters to handle all of them promptly. That can be customer loyalty, reply time-frame, or just your preferences. Don’t let your customers of many years wait too long!

3. Customer information channel

Your customers can get information on the request progress any time your agent makes a step toward the solution. Whether the request is received or completed, they will know!

4. Task assignments

The same way you make categories for requests you can delegate a task to your customer support agent. By simply clicking next to the ticket and adding a name of an agent, you have assigned them a certain ticket task.

A good helpdesk ticketing software should have all of these features. However, some of them can do even more. The Helpy helpdesk solution goes several steps further and allows you to analyze all customer service efforts and set service policies that your agents need to follow. In case that the policies haven’t been met, you can also define escalation actions to keep the customer satisfaction levels high!

The 7 Main Benefits Of Help Desk Ticketing Software

1. Fantastic Automation

Work process automation enables you to remove repetitive work that reduces your ability  to reach the highest productivity. Manual copy-paste and different answers for repetitive queries are a matter of the past! Now you can automate a reply and send it to all your customers with one single click. Sounds great, right? But there is more! Thanks to message personalization, customers won’t feel like they are dealing with an automated system.

2. Increased Efficiency

The first and the major helpdesk ticketing software benefit is that it boosts customer support efficiency like no tool before. We are living in a time when tech solutions are enhancing work processes.

The best helpdesk ticketing system:

  • Can automate ticket resolution

By automating replies you make the whole ticket resolution system faster. Now your agents can focus on more demanding issues and leave the simple tasks to the helpdesk ticketing software. The software will deliver a message to the right agent along with a vast amount of useful data such as personal details and urgency.

  • Reduced ticket backlog

Prior to modern customer support software, a customer support backlog was seen almost as normal. People would wait in the queue for hours, or even for days, making them extremely unhappy. In case a customer needs help to fix a work problem, the situation can be even worse! The faster you solve their problems, the better your customer satisfaction will be!

  • Improved team management

With a thorough overview and faster handling of the tickets or tasks, you can establish a team management system that guarantees efficiency. Automation helps you save valuable time and free your team members from exhaustive request sorting and slower response times.

3. 24/7 Support

This benefit is a total game-changer! Only a quality helpdesk ticketing software can provide complete 24/7 support. It works even while your agents are sleeping. For businesses that operate globally, and operate in multiple time-zones, having a self serve helpdesk has become imperative to providing a great customer experience!

4. Personalized Customer Experience

Automation frees up agent time, allowing you to dedicate more to one customer query. Whether your agents spend more time on the phone or send more personalized emails showing customers they understand their worries, you can make your customers feel more valued and strengthen your relationship significantly.

That is how you build trust that can’t be easily compromised! On the other hand, during this one-on-one communication, you can collect data that will be useful for meeting your customers’ future needs! This makes it  much easier to manage the customer lifecycle.

5. Boosts Positive Customer Experience

When you set up automation, increase resolution times, and talk to your customer on a more personal level, your customer can become your friend! Only the helpdesk ticketing system can make this possibility a reality. No human can compete with the reply speed of the software.

6. Setting Realistic Goals

Due to helpdesk analytics, everyone can have realistic expectations. Your customers will know when you will get back to them and solve their problems. You and your customer support team will know when the ticket should be resolved. Establishing an expected  time-frame will pave the way to higher trustworthiness, and your company will be viewed as trustworthy and reliable by your customers. As a result, your product or service will be more appealing.

7. Cut Costs Drastically

If you manage to automate most processes, you can cut your customer support department by half. With helpdesk ticketing software, you save time and money while providing better customer service. That means that your customers will stick around longer, continuously adding to your revenue.  

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