How Technology Has Reshaped Communication Forever

In this era of modernism and technological advancement, digital commumication has become a norm rether then a choice. Technology has undoubtedly changed the way we live, interact, and conduct business forever.

It is not hard to notice that a business cannot succeed without the use of various tools for digital communication. All organizations can achievee their goals more effectively and efficiently by utilizing a new generation communication software.

In the past, telegrams and phone calls were major communication channels, but now the world has advanced and people can choose  between hundreds of online chats as well as modern devices, including smartphones and laptops.

With modern communication equipment we can remotely communicate and interact with clients, irrespective of location and time zone. Whether you are traveling to an office or staying at home,  you can always instantly message to anyone you want.

And this is not the end! New communication technology keeps evolving; therefore, we can expect only more benefitial solutions in the future!

What Are the Major Communication Tools in the 21st Century?

Statistics revealed that 39% of businesses use emails for communication purposes. 16% of businesses use other online tools to communicate with their clients and coworkers. Moreover, global communication technology is estimated to reach $5 trillion in 2021. These statistics are enough to put anyone in shock, but also to make you have a fresh look at your current use of digital communication tools, both in your personal and profesional life. How important is digital communication technology to you and your bussiness?

If you haven’t considered implementing effective digital communication tools into your organization, you should reconsider. In case you are not connected with your customers like they want to or your competition uses advanced trxjbology such AI tools, lack of tech communication channels could be fatal for your business.

The importance of the Internet cannot be denied, as it has converted the world into a “Global Village” where every individual can connect with anyone worldwide. No matter what you want to achieve, reveal, share or express, everything is just a click away.

To maximize the benefits of technology in the communication field, you should keep in mind that technology has reshaped communication forever and what every piece of new tech has to offer.

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3 Ways Technology Has Changed Communication Forever

In the next lines, you will read about the different ways technology has impacted communication methods and how more advancements will roll out in the upcoming years.

Graph Source: Communication Technology

The above graph reveals that the younger generation is more geared towards the use of communication technology. 33% of young adults prefer texting, while 25% of individuals use cell phones and landlines for communication purposes. However, email hasn’t gained much popularity among teens.

Observing the graph above, you can see that the introduction of new communication strategies in IT will not only improve the technology world, but will also better meet customer expectations.

1. The Adoption Of New Technology In Media

In the past, television and newspapers were the major sources of mass communication. In other words, television used to be the primary source of online promotions and news. The second source was printed information that was limited to newspapers, published brochures, or advertisements. Thus, advertising techniques for 20th century businesses included only television and newspaper ads.

Now, there are numerous ways to interact with consumers and connect with target audiences.  We now have access to hundreds of different communication tools that allow us to easily reach out to your customers. With the introduction of new communication tools, businesses are able to expand their services while enhancing their exposure and visibility.

In order to grow our understanding of the difference between new media and traditional media, let’s take a look at several examples.

Examples Of New Technology Improvements For Communication Purposes

YouTube has given businesses a lot of exposure and many businesses now have their own YouTube channels. Today, businesses can  connect with people through paid YouTube advertisements too.

Various social media platforms also make it easy for you to find clients that belong to different business niches. For example, Facebook is the most used social media platform that allows you to directly interact with people of all ages, countries, interests and fields. Snapchat, LinkedIn, and Twitter are examples of other popular platforms that business should consider using for communication with their customers.

News websites and blogs have become immensely popular as well. These platforms provide businesses with a chance to reach out to a bulk audience organically.

Podcasts are another type of online platform that enables you to stay up-to-date with modern trends. In recent years, this medium has exploded in popularity due to its versatility and ability to provide updated information in a timely manner. A recent study found that 39% of small and medium business owners and 72% of owners of companies between 100-500 employees listen to podcasts, which explains the increasing popularity of podcasting in businesses.

2. Impact Of Technology On Marketing & Communication Strategies

The comparison of traditional marketing techniques with modern marketing strategies revealed that many traditional techniques are no longer cost-effective, meaning businesses cannot solely rely on them. Statistics reveal that 45% of emerging economies and 76% of advanced economies own a smartphone while almost there is no person in the first world that doesn't have one. Thus, not having a communicaton channel that is mobile-friendly is definitely not a smart idea.

Here are a few new marketing tools that can help you boost your revenue drastically:

  • SMS Marketing
  • App Ads
  • Sticky Ads
  • Full-screen or Interstitial Ads
  • Game Ads
  • Email Marketing
  • Paid Facebook & YouTube ads
  • Google Ads
  • Banner Ads

Graph Source: Odlescience

From the above pie chart, it is evident that people are quickly adopting the use of computers for work purposes. The era of the pandemic has further increased computer usage, as more than half of the world population now depends on computers suitable for online education and remote working.

With this information in mind, it is obvious that we cannot simply rely on traditional marketing techniques to gain a better understanding of what our customers expect from us.

You can also use the following marketing techniques that guarantee positive ROI:

  • Native advertising is one of the marketing techniques in which various links are embedded in the content and are used to invitr readers to click the links. Another marketing technique is the use of Journey Builder for managing customer relationships. Journey Builder is an automatic or robotic system that analyzes the touchpoints, browsing history, and other customer responses. Journey Builder uses these responses to create engagement-based journeys for their customers. Marketing automation is one of the latest marketing trends and strategies. The fact that the U.S. Marketing Automation Software industry was a $6.1B market in 2019, growing 20%+ annually only proves the importance of tech tools for marketing purposes.
  • Messenger campaign is another marketing technique that is used to address the needs of stakeholders. This strategy is extremely useful for communicating with specific stakeholders that each have their own unique needs.

Successful marketing campaign is mainly about connecting with your target audience and delivering appealing content. Technology has enabled businesses to offer promotions their customers want to see while using multiple personalization techniques. Now it is possible to use a multitude of strategies to trigger specific responses from your target audience.

You can communicate with prospects more effectively by creating your own unique messages to express your gratitude as well ad upselling. Research has revealed that popular types of advertising that best attract target audiences includes the use of emotions, such as:

  • Romantic
  • Beauty
  • Humor
  • Fear
  • Adventure
  • Musical

Did you include some of them in your last marketing campaign?

2. Modern Communication Technology & Public Relations

Modern technology has made it possible for celebrities, personalities, and politicians to effectively communicate with their audience on a large scale. Modern technology has made it more challenging for individuals to uphold a positive reputation too. Now, organizations are more vulnerable to negative feedback because it can be found on numerous review websites and forums, making the provision of excellent customer service an imperatove to business success.

Thus, public relations managers and social media managers should keep an eye on a complete online company exposure and scan the public platforms as well!

The feedback forums have proven to be beneficial for customers. If customers do not receive high-quality service, they may use the chance to leave negative feedback on a company's official website or social media account.

Companies, now more than ever, need to focus on providing quality service to their customers in order to earn their loyalty and trust.

The improvement of modern communication tools makes it possible for anyone to see screenshots, demos and ads about desired products via IoT devices at any time! This trend allows companies to provide clear and concise information to their audience and even broaden their customer base within seconds.

If you want to know how you can get and maintain loyal customers in this tech era when marketing saturation is becoming a problem for many industries, you should focus on the following the next pro tips.

These tips also apply to helpdesk support systems, as they can certainly help increase your sales numbers:

  • Be honest, transparent, and straightforward while marketing your products brcaude potential customers will first quickly analyze the thrustworthiness of your brand.
  • Learn to manage the negative feedback on all the public platforms, including your official website.
  • Interact with people through the customer support service and win their hearts by instantly reaching out to them first to solve their problems. Remember that people do not like unresponsive and ignorant behavior of customer support staff.

How Has Technology Affected Support Communication

Technology has affected support communication by reducing the communication gaps between businesses and customers. Now you can answer customer queries using helpdesk ticketing system, AI chatbots, live chat, or fantastic 24/7 knowledge base. Technology also makes it easier to gather customer insights and improve the entire customer experience by analyzing feedback surveys.

Helpdesk software systems have revolutionized the way consumers think and communicate. Email is one form of business communication tool. However, when companies are setting up email accounts for support communication, they may unknowingly make a step that could cause a lack of data security. In case your employee or customer share valuable Personable Identifiable Information (PII), such as credit card or phone numbers, via email, they will make it extremly easy for hackers to get them. Thus, it is more advisable to use your own cloud or self-hosted software where you can store and protect all your customer and company data.

The most important feature of Helpy is the guarantee of maximum data safety while keeping all the collected information locked and stored in one hidden place.

Valuable Helpdesk Security Features

  • Helpy allows users to login and use a secure web interface while preventing sensitive emails from being sent even accidentally.
  • A  helpdesk focused on data safety keeps all information, including social security numbers, IP addresses, credit card numbers and emails, secure with data masking.
  • You should have options to delete or anonymize the customers' data to ensure maximum security.

Over time, helpdesk communication tools will continue to gain more and more popularity, because helpdesk  is the surest way to help customers in the most secure manner. Due to machine learning and AI evolution, tech tools are becoming automated, causing higher expectations among customers in terms of timely responses and types of communication channels.

Companies can make use of technology to provide personalized support by using stored data with information pertaining to their customers needs. By enabling representatives to interact with customers in a personalized and polite manner, companies can provide their customers with the best experiences possible.

In other words, helpdesk software systems have revolutionized the way people think and communicate while introducing new security challanges.

Helpy makes use of various advanced security techniques such as Single Sign-On (SSO) to authenticate users and staff with the help of a central identity provider. With its data masking features, it automatically scrubs GDPR defined PII, especially IP addresses and credit card numbers.

Technology has made support communication secure and more advanced than ever, while also making it easy for customers to securely contact different industries at anytime, anywhere.

Things To Remember

The use of digital communication technology is highly favorable, as long as the information collection is secure and the customer’s data is kept private. Nowadays, every person has a smartphone or computer and any kind of cyber attack can create serious problems, both in terms of your device usage and your online reputation.

It is no secret that technology has brought a lot of amazing things into our lives and that now companies are making money by communicating virtually. Knowing how to use technology the right way can bring your business to the pinnacle of success.

Thus, learn to use digital communication technology for effective internal and external interactions to take your business or organization growth to the next level.

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