Helpy 2.4

The new 2.4 version has just been released and includes some great new stuff:

All new tag manager- now admins can control what tags can be used.  Setup tickets through the admin UI.

Ticket tag picker: there is an awesome new search and select UI for adding tags to your tickets

Autosave for ticket replies and doc editing is here.  Now if you accidently click away, your changes will be still be there when you return.

New settings have been added to the API to control how Helpy behaves.  These settings will be added to a new preference panel in the next release, but you can use them now with an API change to the settings:

  • Include Ticket response in email- whether or not to send the body of a ticket reply to the customer.  If not, they will have to log in to view the response.
  • Include ticket history in email- whether or not to include the full history of a ticket in the reply to the customer.
  • Allow unlogged in access to the ticket- creates a secret link for viewing the agents response

New notification setting: Agents can now be opted into receiving notifications by email when a ticket is assigned to a team they are a member of.

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