8 Ways To Earn Customer Trust

Earning customer trust is the first and foremost desire of any company or brand. Customer trust can be attained by providing excellent services and products to your customers and asking them to leave feedback. This feedback helps the company improve their overall services. According to a study on online reviews, 97% of consumers check online reviews before buying a product to obtain additional insight. If you are a business owner or an entrepreneur considering starting one, you must know the importance of trust between you and your customers.

Like in every other relationship, trust is a connecting factor between a brand and its customer. According to a study conducted in the USA, 93% of customers build business relationships with a company if it offers good customer service.

Would you go to a doctor with whom others have had a bad experience? The answer is no. Simply like this, nobody wants to buy from someone with an untrustworthy image or with bad reviews. This is proved by the finding that clearly shows that almost 63% of customers become loyal to a company that provides stellar customer service.

Here are the top suggestions to earn customer trust through helpdesk assistance and excellent customer service to improve your bottom line quickly!

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8 Winning Ways To Earn Customer Trust

1. Employ efficient and secure helpdesk

How to win customer trust through helpdesk assistance? When it comes to customer service, you always need to be on your toes. You must be available, give a quick response and provide any information required to satisfy the customer.

Here’s how helpdesk can help you achieve that:

a) Reduces turnaround time

Most importantly, a helpdesk ticketing system helps in reducing the average ticket handling time, which is crucial for superb customer service. Customers are provided assistance and support in all matters. Good customer service makes you look more reliable and helps develop trust between you and your customers.

Service delivery plays a critical role in your company success battle. If you promise and deliver within that promised period, it will undoubtedly entice your customer to want to do business with you again. In case you aren't able to provide a service within the promised time, your customer probably won't trust you again and most likely won't come back.

Never underestimate the need for consistency in the service delivery. Adding a helpdesk ticketing system to your company assets is the best way to answer your customers' problems quickly and efficiently. The helpdesk ticketing system collects, organizes and tracks all of your customer support queries from various channels and stores them in one place.

Isn't it better to let your regular customers trust your service rather than striving to get new customers every other day?

No matter what kind of business you are doing, whether you are a business owner, a manager, or a freelancer, never forget that your service delivery directly impacts your customers and eventually, the success rate of your business. Don't compromise on the value and importance of time.

According to stats, 80% of the customers stop buying from a brand if it fails to satisfy its customers’ or doesn't understand customers’ needs. This can be resolved if the company is willing to listen to their customers and get back to them quickly with the best possible solution to their problems. Helpdesk assistance can be beneficial for a company and help build a trustful and robust bond with the customers.

b) Provides instant answers and replaces phones

Chatbots are another way for a company to increase the satisfaction and ultimately the trust level of their customers. Customers want all the information about a product along with quick services.

This is the main reason why many companies are now preferring to use AI. Using Al chatbots will help provide customer service 24/7. Now customers are no longer dependent on phone calls and mobile devices to connect with companies for urgent help. Companies can benefit from organizing data and providing information related to previous users’ experiences by providing a strong knowledge base where customers can find all the information in one place. Self-help features of customer support softwares like Helpy are just one example of this type of service software.

How can a helpdesk enhance communication and secure your data?

c) SSL Technology

SSL is a security protocol that stands for Secure Sockets Layer. It creates an encrypted and safe link between web browsers and servers.

A vital factor that affects the customer experience is security. And your consumers' safety is your responsibility. If your customer feels unsafe while browsing through your sites, they are most likely to leave immediately. Nobody would trust or buy from a site that looks unreliable. This can be a significant drawback for your business. You should use a SSL certificate for your website and make sure to do whatever it takes to make your website safe for your customers.

Another perk of SSL is the assurance of safe transaction methods. Try to use authentic payment methods such as PayPal, credit cards, etc. This will put your customer at ease, make them trust you, thus they won't hesitate to shop from you again.

Ensure the security of customers’ data by employing all security controls, whether physical, administrative and technical. The use of an authentication system guarantees your customer that only they can access their data, not anyone else. This makes your services even more reliable.

2. Be Honest With Your Customers

68% of American customers believe a great customer service interaction is fueled by an honest experience, while 62% say a knowledgeable experience and only 42% say a quick experience.

When working in a market, the most critical point that can attain regular customers is your honesty. If a customer uses your services and leaves other brands behind, it means they trust you and your brand. Nobody likes to waste money on something that is not worthy of it.  Keep in mind that over $62 billion is lost annually by American companies due to poor customer service.

It happens that some companies succeed in tricking their customers. However, this might only work one or two times before they start losing  loyal customers. Not only this, but they may also taint their brand name. Moreover, a single customer can ruin the potential for gaining many other customers by leaving bad reviews about your company.

Therefore, try to avoid playing any unfair tricks on your customers. Instead, be transparent with them. And if there is any kind of issue regarding your product or service, address it directly. This will help build trust between you and your customers and they will surely come back again and again because they know that what they pay is fair when comparing to what they get.

Win Customers’ Trust Through Helpy Helpdesk Assistance & Good Customer Service

3. Connect Through Polite Greetings

Building an honest relationship with your customers requires you to let them know about your journey. Try sharing with your customers about how you made your way to where you are today. Sharing the backstory and your company mission will aid in connecting with your customers. Helpdesk assistance provides you with an easy and secure way of connecting with your customers. Thus, you can earn their trust while connecting with them ona more personal or emotional level.

Sometimes there are very inspiring stories behind the starting of a company. Sharing these stories can leave a significant impact on your customers, a memory they like to recall. Tell them what inspired you, how you managed to start your business, how hard you worked, what kind of hurdles you faced, what level of service you want to provide for your customers and what makes you unique among others. This will surely inspire many customers and can also help you financially.

4. Maintain Professionalism & Don't Be Overly Friendly

There is a fine line between professionalism and being overly friendly. Your friendly attitude toward your customers is an essential part of your customer service success. If you are extremely friendly, you will spoil your customers and your business name.

Unprofessionalism can cause your consumers to be annoyed with you. So try to maintain a professional image and also to train your staff to do so. Additionally, to achieve this, it helps to develop a healthy boundary between work and personal life too.

5. Impress Your Customers With A Spotless Image

When it comes to building trust, what matters the most is your brand prestige. A reputation is not made in a few days. And if you have a good reputation, then it is only important how you maintain it. The kind of reputation you have will reflect the type of consumers you will get. 86% of customers are willing to pay more for companies with a good reputation in customer service provision.

Try to uphold a decent image from the start, because it can be tough to create a good image out of a bad one, whereas converting a good image into a bad one won't be that difficult. A few mistakes and your years of hard work might go to waste. To avoid such situations, remain connected with your customers, offer adequate services and don't promise what you can't deliver. These practices will surely help you earn a good company reputation and customers will be more likely to trust you.

6. Gain Positive Customer Reviews

Customer reviews can make or break your business. When you receive your customer feedback, you can recognize any areas that are lacking efficiency and learn about the flaws you have never seen before. This will also help you come up with better service ideas as you will know your customers' demands better. Customer satisfaction should be your priority at any business phase.

Customer reviews are the best way to attract new potential customers. Nowadays, everybody checks out the reviews before buying anything new. A prospect might not be that amazed with your branded marketing information. Statistics show that a 5% increase in customer retention increases the profit from 25 to 95%.

Now, assume you share reviews from your customers. It is possible that they will be more interested after knowing how other people trust you and benefited from your products and services.

Remember, it is particularly important for support departments to keep the data of their customers safe by regularly updating their helpdesk software. One example of an extremely secure software company is Helpy, which ensures maximum safety of its clients' data as even Helpy can't gain access to it without their permission. The Single Sign On (SSO) feature of Helpy authenticates users and staff with the help of Central Identity Provider, giving your IT team full control over password policies.

7. Go Social

Your social presence can have a significant impact on your customers. When you try to build trust with your customers on a more personal level, seeing that will help them feel more confident in buying from you rather than others. Don't just create empty pages and leave them for weeks before posting a single picture or replying to one or two comments.

You need to be socially active and make your presence known. Thus, try to engage with your consumers online as much as you can. Learn about their feedback and what they found good or bad about your company. You can even ask for product suggestions and introduce new things online. Several social media applications can be used for this purpose, such as Facebook, LinkedIn, Twitter, etc.

8. Personalize Services

Last but not least, consumers naturally tend to follow any brand that provides quality promotional content. You can create a decent image and gain trust of your customers rapidly if you offer them personalized services. These might include flash sales, free shipping, discounts, coupons, giveaways, buy one get one free, freebies, etc.

Consumers like promotional offers. And if your customer trusts you, they may even reconsider their budget and buy things from you and even wait for your promotional offers. Promo offers represent a way to make new customers, advertise your products and keep your regular customers content.

There is no shortcut for people who want to have a successful business without any trust from their customers. Trust is the strongest bond that ties both the brand and the customer.

Never underestimate its importance and constantly work on different ways to win your customer trust. Helpdesk assistance can indeed be helpful if you want to have long-term benefits. It makes it possible by using tools such as live chat and email automation for personalized services. The personalized messaging option is solely built for this purpose because it handles the problems of customers individually while making them feel special.

Personalized messaging delivers a specific and valuable message that is relevant to users. Traditional messaging comes in a “one size fits all” blast and doesn't take user behavior into consideration. On the other hand, the helpdesk assistance can improve the user experience by providing memorable personalized experiences.

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