How to get a free trial license for Helpy Pro

Use the form on this page to request a free 14 day trial of Helpy Pro. After completing the form and pressing the "request license" button, you will receive an email from our team along with the license code.

Whats Included?

This is a fully functioning trial license key which will expire after 14 days. It includes all features in the "Total" tier and supports up to 10 seats.

Installing the key

Assuming you have gotten the package up and running, you will need to install the license code. By far the easiest way to do this is detailed here:

  1. Navigate to the "Settings" in the upper right corner dropdown.
  2. Find the "License Code" option.
  3. Cut and paste the Licensed site and code into the form on this page, and press 'save'.
  4. Verify that the page now shows a "Valid" license and with the correct plan and number of agent seats.

Full instructions can be found here: How to install your License Key

Problems? Feel free to reach out by replying here or to