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Organize customer communications with your team

Keep everything in one place with integrated email

Track all of your help emails and tickets in one place with Helpy integrated email. As messages arrive at your support address they appear in the Helpy dashboard and can be assigned to agents. Replying through the Helpy interface or by email delivers the response to the original requester.

  • Track tickets from new to resolved in a responsive, modern interface.
  • Access common replies to quickly respond to common issues.
  • One click conversion of ticket responses to knowledgebase articles
  • Email notifications alert you or your agents to new messages

Support Lifecycle Tools

Helpy gives you full lifecycle tools to manage and reply to all incoming support requests. When a new message comes in, assign it to one of your agents for follow up or reply and close it immediately. Helpy keeps track of the status of the ticket and keeps you organized!

  • Track support lifecycle with the integrated dashboard.
  • Assign and notate tickets with internal only messages.
  • Mass update, assign and perform other actions on groups of tickets.
  • Each discussion includes a full audit history of that ticket

Get a 360 degree view of your customers

Every discussion you view includes information about the creator, including other recent threads. Clicking on the users name or searching for them takes you to a detailed view with the users complete support history and additional details.

  • View the users complete history in one place.
  • Access the cutomer's contact info and social media details.
  • Open a new ticket on behalf of the user if they call in.
  • Invite and manage new agents and users

Common Replies to make your life Easier

Do you find yourself answering the same questions over and over again? Capture these replies and convert them into knowledgebase articles or hidden common replies that you can then send out again and again.

  • Capture ticket replies and convert them into common replies.
  • Translate your common replies into other languages.
  • Respond to common questions in a single click.
  • Choose common replies based on the locale of the customer.

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All Ticketing Features

Agent Roles

Keep agents from "going rogue" by limiting their access to admin features and tickets they should not see.

Combined Dashboard

See your current support pipeline and incoming tickets in one clean dashboard.

Ticket Logging

Each ticket keeps a complete log of all activities- including agent assignments and other changes.

Trigger Automations

Dramatically increase efficiency by automating actions at any step during the ticket lifecycle.

Service Level Agreements (SLA)

Set service policies and escalation actions for when they are missed to help maintain great support.

Collision Detection

Prevents multiple agents from working on the same ticket at the same time.

Canned Responses

Save time by sending out pre-written replies to common questions

Internal Notes

Collaborate with other support agents using internal notes- private messages that appear along with a ticket.


Receive email notifications when new tickets arrive or a customer replies.

User Insights

See details on the creator of each ticket or discussion, including their full support history.

Email Integration

Connect your support addresses to Helpy by forwarding them.

Forward to Ticket

Got an email sent directly to you? Forward it into Helpy and then handle the ticket like normal.

Update via Email

Reply to customer tickets by email. Everything works the same as if you reply through the web UI

Assign Tickets

Assign tickets to agents and groups to ensure they are answered quickly and to stay organized

File Attachments

Attach files to tickets or responses, or in emails you send into Helpy.

Teams/Team inbox

Use a separate email address for each or your teams, and assign agents to operate within that group inbox exlusively


Set up groups to handle different topics and control agents access to tickets


Tag tickets to stay organized, run triggers and conduct in depth reporting

Bulk Actions

Sometimes its nice to move or bulk update a group of tickets.

Change ticket owner

This lets you change the author of a ticket (for exmaple if they used the wrong email address)

Custom Ticket form builder

Create multiple ticket submission forms to solve different customer problems

Create a new ticket from an existing

Lets you branch or split a ticket thread into a new ticket.

Satisfaction Ratings

Allow customers to provide feedback on the quality of their support experience.

Works Everywhere

Helpy works across all devices, allowing your team to deliver great support everywhere and anywhere.