Add a helpdesk to your solution

The multitenant version of Helpy Pro allows you to embed, white-label, or private label the complete Helpy Pro system for your customers at scale. This is done by running a special version of Helpy that supports multiple tenant accounts- each their own complete instance of Helpy Pro.

Give each of your customer accounts a full platform:

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  • Whitelabel
  • Embed/OEM
  • Partnership

True Helpdesk Multitenancy

A single instance of Helpy Pro MT can support an unlimited number of customer tenant accounts. Each Customer will have their own unique UI, help center, ticketing, chat widget, and more. Customers are separated by subdomain and their data is stored in an isolated database schema.

OEM Whitelabel helpdesk software

Because it can be white or private-labeled, you have the option to run this inside your existing SaaS platform as an extension to your software. The Helpy software and database will run on-premises, alongside your existing software stack. All customer data is kept private and will be owned and controlled by you.

Integration Features

Helpy Pro MT was designed specifically for running alongside other software in a white-label form. It includes a number of tools and features to integrate with your existing SAAS software:

  • Create flexible plans for your customer accounts
  • Develop a configuration map or blueprint that describes how each new account will be configured
  • Run on a cluster of VMs or with Kubernetes
  • Create and manage tenants by API or web

How does it work?

Embedded OEM

Extend the capability of your existing SaaS platform by adding customer support functionality. Helpy Pro MT can be white or private labeled to match your existing UI, and tenant accounts can be managed via API calls.

Whitelabel Partner

Sell a whitelabel version of Helpy into your existing and new client base. Perfect for consulting and system integration organizations.

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