Customer Support Bot
Cut your support costs by 20%-80% with a single line of Javascript.

Carin is an artificial intelligence customer care rep that provides assistance to your customers without human interaction, saving you time and loads of money.

This is what Carin will do for you:

Handles tier one questions and issues with ease.

Once she learns about your product or service, Carin will be your top tier one rep, successfully resolving 50-90% of customer questions. She has the ability to go deep and uses machine learning to go well beyond simply suggesting knowledge base articles. She can even be connected to external APIs to answer really tough questions like “Where is my order”.

Deliver a better customer experience.

The days of forcing customers to spend hours searching knowledgebase articles or waiting for a response from customer support are over. As shown in a recent study by Customer Contact Week, the number one source of frustration among customers needing help is the shear amount of time it takes to get in touch with someone.

With Carin, that wait is eliminated and customers are able to resolve their problems instantaneously.

Streamlines agent interactions.

Sure Carin is great at handling most tier one inquiries autonomously, but she can also make your human agents far more efficient by getting basic information from customers before your human agents step in. As a result, time to close drops, first call resolution goes way up, and agents are able to handle 2-3 times more tickets per day.

Significantly reduces cost per incident.

A recent study by Harvard Business Review pegged the average cost per incident for B2B tickets at around $13. For B2C tickets the cost was slightly lower at $7. Deploying Carin to handle tier one questions and conduct basic pre-ticket troubleshooting can drive substantial cost savings per incident as she knocks down 80% of tier one issues and makes your more expensive human agents more efficient.

Integrates with external APIs to answer tough questions.

Integrate Carin with external JSON APIs to answer tough questions like "where is my order?" or "what does it cost to ship to my house?". You simply provide the endpoint and tell her how to handle the response.

Works with all major helpdesks, or none at all.

Carin works with all existing knowledgebase and helpdesk solutions like Zendesk, Help Scout, Helpjuice, Freshdesk and others out of the box. Even if you don’t have a support solution, Carin provides all of the tools you need to field a world class knowledge base and teach her to be the best customer service rep on the team.

How it works

When a customer arrives at your support site with a question, Carin is always on duty, ready to help out and answer questions. Customers are greeted by a friendly and personable agent that converses just like a real human. When a customer asks a question, Carin directly answers the question if it can.

Sometimes she can get stuck and cannot answer a particular question. In this case, she will alert your team and ask how to handle the question in the future. In addition, customers will be given the opportunity to open a ticket or jump into a live chat (via Olark, Livechat or other providers.)

Your reps will always get the full transcript of each chat, giving you complete transparency into how she is doing. In addition, you get full reporting comparing her performance against real human agents.

Everything Carin Does

Works with any Helpdesk

Carin ties into any existing helpdesk platform, and allows you to add her to your existing helpcenter.

Conversation Logging

All conversations are logged and areas where your Carin needs more knowledge are highlighted.

Fully customizable

Rename your Carin, customize her name, images and colors, and give her a unique personality to match your brand.

Integrated with Helpy

Tight integration with Helpy means that you'll be able to easily manage content that Carin has access to.

Seamless transfer to humans

If Carin cannot answer a question, the conversation can be seamlessly transfered to a human agent.

Answers questions AND asks them

Carin can answer questions, but also ask them, letting her gather useful information before agent handoff.

Full AI or Guided

Carin can answer natural language questions, or provide a designated flow with prepopulated choices.


Carin will appear alongside human agents in all reports, allowing you to see and judge performance.

Supports images, links and all media

Carin can answer with text, links and images.

User Identification

If you have it, supply the logged in users name and email to let Carin know with whom she is chatting.

Communicates with External APIs

Connect Carin to external APIs to give her superpowers to answer tough questions.

Javascript API

Control when and how Carin appears on your site programatically.